Monday, January 31, 2011

Houses I Like

I like to take pictures of houses that I see driving around.  I wish I were an artist, just so I could paint these old homes. 

I love this one for it's lovely bushes and trees, what a yard to spread an old quilt and take a nap...

This house is an inn on a little island. We flew there for an overnight getaway trip when our first born was three weeks old. Sort of looks like a sea captain's house.

This house is on that same island, look closely, and you can see a for sale sign in the window.
Wouldn't it be lovely to by an old house on an island that was only accessible by boat or plane and plant roses and add a picket fence? Well, that was a fun dream, wasn't it!

 A nice solid house with a beautiful enclosed porch complete with college boy and guitar on the roof.

This was our little rental cottage in town. It was our first house purchase, we never lived in it, kind of wish we had. I love this place, we put so much work into it - maybe that makes it more special. I still feel like it's mine even though we sold it years ago.

This beauty belonged to an Aunt of mine. It was in shambles before she got it, I remember exploring it with my brother when we went blackberry picking in the woods. The landscaping is also beautiful.

This is one of my favorites - I'm not sure why. 

To me, the old abandoned places look as if so much life has happened,  I get a sense of time that has past. 

This house could hold a big family, maybe a farm family.

Another rich, old home.

A Florida farmhouse well-loved by our family.

Another welcoming home in Florida.

I love everything about this cottage.

Now this is definitely my favorite, it must be the picket fence. It looks like it is in the country, maybe with an orchard on one side, but it is in the middle of the city. 

My in-laws house, on a hill overlooking the valley with the mountains in the distance. Breathtaking!

This house belongs to family also, the gardens are beautiful - think English Cottage gardens, and isn't the railing full of character? Most of all though, I love this place for all the fun memories of lovely visits
here. Happiness overflows - nieces and nephews running in and out - bunny rabbits and little cousins playing dress-up.

And of course, our house! I like this picture because the snow covers up all the imperfections.

I know very little about the history, I can only imagine little children walking to school from here, or running up the road to play with friends.
We are adding to the story - I feel as if we have given this house a fresh start. 

Cute, cute, cute, nothing more to say.

I had fun playing around with these pictures, I hope all the blurriness didn't give you a headache.
Would love to hear about some of your favorite houses!


  1. Loved the pictures, I also have a love for houses.
    Also I linked up to the Newbie party.

  2. took me a second to recognize that last picture! It must be that the tree is full, the electric company came this fall and topped the tree, so sad. This house is just down the street from my own! I love it! The couple who live there are nice as can be and they are always working on the yard. Thanks for tour, I love the old houses!

  3. I am over from Debbies and I would like to say...Beautiful job on your house!

  4. I love every single one of those houses! One of my favorite pastimes is driving around looking at houses. Can't really say I have one favorite style but something about this style just brings a warm feeling to my heart. Thanks for the eye candy!
    Finding you via Debbie's Newbie party. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Have a great day!

  5. Melissa, you ARE an artist with your camera. I loved this post, looking at all the old houses. I'm a fan of Craftsman/Bungalow style.

  6. The first old house picture you show reminded me of our old home in the Valley. I have so many happy memories of growing up there. I still have dreams of living there. I would have to say I love the centuries old, two story brick homes like the Vance's very much,too. It would be so cool to live in one. Just a dream of mine!

  7. Such sweet houses- these are very pretty pictures!

  8. LOVE all photos of houses! They are awesome! I'm your newest follower from Debbie's newbie party! :)

  9. Visit PALATKA FLORIDA if you want to see a few dozen amazing, huge,frame victorian beauties. I was delighted and amazed!