Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Random Roundup

He acquired an Aeronca Chief. And has been trying to get it up and running.
 I picked so many of these ruby red gems.

 We got our first egg! Always exciting!
 Making Banana Muffins for the Lemonade Stand.
 Pretty cute, right?
 And then this happened! Burst pipes meant a flood in our kitchen and holes to patch.
 At least I was prompted to pull out our range. I guess I should do this more often?
 We especially love our blue eggs!
 These boards may not look like much but I have big plans for them. Just wait!
 He lost his first front tooth. Twice as cute and twice as mischievous!
 We went to Jamestown!
 I love the ropes!
 My sweetie reused an old copper pipe to make this little trellis for my climbing rose.
 I love this, dirty feet and all.
We had about a week of all the cousins on my side of the family together, so fun!
 Scored this at a little shop in Eastern Virginia. It will go above the tub in our Master Bathroom, just a smaller version of the one in our Room.
Free sunflowers in a patch in front of a farm. I love that someone wanted to share.

We have zinnias!
Several of these pies have been made and consumed here. All the fresh berries and peaches have made it easy.
School is starting in a little over a week from now, it's the end of a great summer! But I hate change… it will be nice to settle back in to a routine and welcome fall.

Thankful and blessed,