Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oh Craigslist!

It's a love/hate relationship. A few days ago I saw a beautiful chesterfield sofa on Craigslist for $200. If it was as good as it looked in the picture it was worth way more than that, maybe closer to $2000. The posting was 16 hours old but I went ahead and e-mailed and left a phone message. For the rest of the day I checked my e-mail like, every ten minutes. I finally called again and reached a very nice old gentleman who was selling because of an upcoming move to a retirement home. He gave my number to his neighbor who was handling the sale for him. And, yes, he had received a lot of interest. I pretty much gave up at that point, I mean, for that price I'm pretty sure the first person who came took it.
I checked off and on the next day and finally the post was removed. So I didn't get it. :(  This has happened so many times, and then I see beautiful furniture all the time that I don't need… it's hard to get the timing right!

Here are a few favorites that I don't need but love:

French Provencial Twin Beds 2 sets for $225


Oak Dresser $95


Pair of Vintage Wingbacks $65


Maple Dresser  $95


20 Church Pews 71/2 ft. long and 9ft. long $100 and $125 each.


Mahogany Bed $285 


And then I'm doubting myself, maybe I do need the french beds, one for my daughter and I could sell the other…. and the wing chairs have really good lines…

This drives my husband crazy, by the way, but I can't help it, I love old furniture!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Don't cry over spilled milk...

…make that hot chocolate.

Steaming hot chocolate is made, I made it with milk on the stove, put a large marshmallow on top just how they like it. They rush out to the kitchen, so excited and she knocks hers over. Hot chocolate is running across and down the island, all over the floor. We wipe it up, I go to get a mop, then he spills his on the other side of the island. I over-react this time, "Why did you do that?!!!" I use all three of his given names. I realize as soon as I say it but it's too late, as he goes for a towel, he has that crumpled look on his face, trying not to cry. "I'm sorry Mom!"

 I'm the one who is in need of forgiveness. I tell them I'm so sorry for speaking loudly and then she's crying too, "I'm so sorry I spilled it, Mom." 

Later after they finished the next batch we talked about forgivness, about mercy and how God forgives us over and over. 

I want my children to see that I mess up, that I need God in my life. As a young parent, I didn't think I should ask for forgivness from my children when I was in the wrong, I thought it would weaken my authority. I was so so wrong. These children are little people who need our respect, and they need an example of how to forgive and ask for forgivness. They need to see God's grace shining through us. Holding them to a standard of perfection is just so unfair. I know I will mess up again, lose my temper, but I want to be quick to see it and not to leave a hurt in their little hearts.

is when you get the good things you don't deserve.

is when you're spared from the bad things you do deserve.

is generous with both."