Saturday, July 23, 2011

The First Egg

Momma found it,

Little Brother dropped it,

Big Sister ate it.

The End.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Here is the latest addition to Cass House:

We found "him" sneaking food from the dog bowl and I used my box trap to catch him. I just can't stand the thought of poor, homeless kittens scrounging around for food. 
He's pretty scared most of the time but has already warmed up quite a lot. Very playful and sweet.

I'm not sure if we'll keep him or not. But this girl would love to!

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Ramblings...

We've been doing a little painting on our house. On two sides the paint was peeling badly. I'm so glad to get this done! And we ordered and installed storm windows.

I love these old windows but they sure are a lot of work! We have six of them, three in the kitchen and three up above in our master bedroom. I completely made over each one, reglazed the glass, scraped, painted and my husband rehung them. They have the old fashioned cotton sash cords in them. and they all are functional also, no painted shut windows for me!
But over several years since I redid them, they have not held up well, they get lots of condensation in the winter and in the hot, humid summer days.
So, sadly, I had to repaint most of them and scrub off black mildew around the edges. 

So, even though I love them bare, the storm windows should help tremendously. Just can't have it all, I suppose...

Last week, on one of the most beautiful days of the summer, we took off for a little hike in the hills.

I think it was in the low seventies that day, just beautiful.

The waterfalls, and below, the "ole swimmin hole".

On the way back to the car to get our lunch, Little Brother was tired, and hungry. 

"Mom, tell me again, what do those chips look like?"

Local scenery

Stopped here on the way home, The Pilot and I bought a cast iron skillet here during the first week of our marriage, haven't been back since.

I'm hoping to do some work in Big Sister's room soon. I'll update with pictures as I go along.

Maybe some faux board and batten for the walls, new curtains, built in shelves.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our First Tomato

We picked this lovely thing yesterday evening and I have big plans for some tomato - basil sandwiches.

I'm so happy to finally be getting tomatoes! Oh, and also, I'm looking for good recipes for blackberry cobblers and crisps. Please share!

Happy Tuesday! Stay cool everyone, I think it's supposed to be 100 degrees today.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Weekend Project

I bought this at Goodwill a while ago and wanted to have some fun with it.

I was thinking I would put it in my boy's room for toy storage but for now it's on the back porch.

Wouldn't it look cute with some old wooden baseball bats and gloves in it? I'll have to find some...

I just primed and then painted one coat of leftover white paint and then one more coat of some gray that I had laying around.

The number 74 has no significance, I asked my husband what number I should use and that's what he suggested!

I spayed three coats of a clear coat protectant since I sanded it quite a lot. It should hold up well..

It was quick and easy-perfect for a summer weekend!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blackberry Time!!

The above picture shows just how humid it's been lately.

We've been enjoying our first year of blackberries!

Big Sister spends a lot of time with the chickens. 

(Whether they like it or not!)

Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Downtown Fun

Yesterday we found ourselves with time on our hands so we went to our outdoor mall.

It was breezy and cool as we roamed around. We had fun checking out a toy store, coffee for me and even got to listen to the band play patriotic music.

We also found this scrumptious cupcake shop!

Where the music was.

I do like this Hipstamatic App. It has a fun, vintage vibe.

Have a happy 4th weekend!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Porch Swing

Last night I replace the ugly, plastic-coated chain on my porch swing with rope.

I once again, got the idea from Home and Harmony

I feel like a thief, the way I take advantage of others creativity.

Almost all of my ideas are borrowed from other blogs.

Here is my swing with chain.

I bought the rope at Lowes, I think it was 5/8" thick. It was 57 cents a foot and I bought 40 feet.

I spent some time adjusting the knots to get them even, but even so, it only took about 30 minutes.

Reminder to self : Make sure faces are clean before posing for pictures.