Monday, September 24, 2012

Fabric Choices

I really appreciated all the advice/support about my chalk painted sofa trim!!

So I thought I would throw out some fabric samples and get you-all's opinions again!

It's free after all and I can use all the help I can get. Who knew these decisions would be so agonizing?!!

These pictures were taken with my phone and are kind of washed out.

This one is so practical, I would not worry about the kids getting it dirty. But I think it may be too fuzzy and thick, my frame is rather delicate and this is heavy, but the colors are great, gray/blue with taupe/green in it.

This was the right blue but I hate the loops, I don't know why I brought it home.
Please don't pick this one!!

These next two diamond patterns are interesting. The pattern would be good for hiding stains, they would wear well, I think. My concern is that they're too traditional, kind of like what you would see on Grandma's sofa, but that could be a good thing....

...what do you think?

This was just pretty but impractical, I had to include it!

This light brown velvet was my front runner. I think it would hide dirt, would be classic,
soft. But would it start to have wear marks on the seats and arms? I don't know.

This one is my current favorite! It has the blue/taupe weave and looks linen-ish. This picture doesn't show the contrasting threads very well, but they are there.  It would make the sofa look more like a french-ish. Which would make me happy-ish, I think! (Sorry!)
I don't think it would show dirt but it is lighter weight than the velvet, would it be as durable?

These fabrics are all about the same price so it's really just about what would be the perfect match.

And I've already decided that I'll have to keep a quilt on it most of the time to keep it clean. I'll train my children to sit on the quilt!!

So please, please give me advice...

Thanks in advance!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Indecision.... help needed!!!

I'm in the middle of a sofa project using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the first time and I'm not sure that I'm liking the results.

Let me explain, I painted two coats of pure white, distressed it, which, by the way, was so easy and fun! ( I may have overdone it on the distressing.)

Here is what it looked like:

I love this look, so very light and feminine, but the goal was to age it, to make it look as if it has been around a long time...

Sooo, I put the clear wax on next, and followed with the dark. (Without drying time in between, this is what some tutorials have said works best.)

I worked in small sections, brushing it on and then using a cloth to rub it in and remove the excess.

This is how it looks now:

It does look older for sure. I guess I'm not sure that I want it so brown, do you think it looks dirty? Or like it's faux antiqued in a really shoddy way. I like things to look fresh and I
 don't like faux anything.

Or maybe I'm not getting the procedure right, it is my first time after all. And I'm telling myself that with the fabric on it won't stand out so much.

So, please give me some advice, I would love your input! My husband has put so much work into reinforcing the frame, (we had it all in pieces) and I really, really want it to turn out right!

Thanks so much!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sneak Peek

I'm right in the middle of this HUGE project, it should be great when it's done!

I'll share pictures of the progress with you. (Once there IS some progress.)

Have a great weekend you all!

(We are taking the kiddos to Grandma's tomorrow so that the two of us can celebrate our 12th anniversary - 12 years?! where has the time gone?)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Headboard Redone

I bought this awhile ago, painted it, and just now got the fabric on.

The lattice wasn't bad, but I really like it better now.

Please excuse the bedding, I had to pull it away to get a proper shot since the pillows pretty much cover the headboard.

The double piping wasn't as uniform as I would have liked, I didn't have the right sewing machine foot, next time I'll use my Mother's machine.

But it was a fun learning experience!

Before shot:

And after: