Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Indecision.... help needed!!!

I'm in the middle of a sofa project using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the first time and I'm not sure that I'm liking the results.

Let me explain, I painted two coats of pure white, distressed it, which, by the way, was so easy and fun! ( I may have overdone it on the distressing.)

Here is what it looked like:

I love this look, so very light and feminine, but the goal was to age it, to make it look as if it has been around a long time...

Sooo, I put the clear wax on next, and followed with the dark. (Without drying time in between, this is what some tutorials have said works best.)

I worked in small sections, brushing it on and then using a cloth to rub it in and remove the excess.

This is how it looks now:

It does look older for sure. I guess I'm not sure that I want it so brown, do you think it looks dirty? Or like it's faux antiqued in a really shoddy way. I like things to look fresh and I
 don't like faux anything.

Or maybe I'm not getting the procedure right, it is my first time after all. And I'm telling myself that with the fabric on it won't stand out so much.

So, please give me some advice, I would love your input! My husband has put so much work into reinforcing the frame, (we had it all in pieces) and I really, really want it to turn out right!

Thanks so much!!


  1. I like the after look. It looks old. The first look seemed to look like lots of other distressed pieces that I'm seeing people do these days. I think it's looking quite perfect! Great job, Melissa!

  2. Oh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! I really like the after! I have a few projects I want to use the Annie Sloan paint on. Now you've inspired me! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  3. I really like it!! I think it looks great!! Not to brown...

  4. I agree with Lindsey... the before looks like so many others out there. Love the after.

  5. Here's my two cents! It looks great the way it is. If you're still feeling like it's too brown in some spots you should still be able to go back with the clear wax only and use that to "erase" some of the dark. Use a towel or rag and just rub on the spots you think are too much---It should still work even though it's been on there awhile. You'll have to use some muscle and work at it a little bit but eventually it will come off. The dark wax is very strong. I usually mix my dark wax with clear wax (half of each) instead of using it straight. I cannot WAIT to see this piece finished! I started ripping apart my slipper chair last week end!

  6. Thanks girls for your vote of confidence!!! Sometimes we just need some moral support! Rachel, that's what I did, went back with clear wax and lightened it up a lot. It is still much darker than the first pictures, somewhere in between the two. I like the idea of mixing the clear and dark waxes, I'll remember that for next time. And I was reading that you can tint the wax by adding paint, that could be interesting...I'm sure the slipper chair will be awesome!!!

  7. I can't wait to see the end results