Saturday, May 26, 2012

Random Goodness

My mother picked and brought me these strawberries from my Aunt Rachel's garden.

These were the first homegrown strawberries I have had this season, and YUM! so very good!

I just now brought in most of my lettuce - with the weekend heating up I'm afraid it will get bitter.

I love getting up early and doing a little gardening! 

Not so happy to see what the deer ate, though!

Here is some front yard progress:

We got the stone slab/step moved back in place and patched the porch floor.

I was all excited about getting the porches sanded and painted but now it looks like we'll have to let the new wood dry out before we work on it.

I'm going to go ahead and plant my Annabelle Hydrangeas - and woe to the workman who so much as bumps them!  (Only half way joking. We'll be hiring someone to sand the porches, and I think I'll put trashcans over the hydrangeas!)

I've been dreaming of Hydrangeas for a very long time and I'm so excited to finally get them!

I was told not to expect to much in the way of blooms this year but next year they should be beautiful.

You all have a happy three-day weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Egg Baskets

I picked these up at a recent yard sale.

Though I may not be gathering as many now, a brown hen is sitting on a nest and fluffing up huge if I try to get eggs.

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Friday...

.... and the peonies are opening up.

we have week old kittens...

this little girl only has 25 days of school left...

( to be optimistic, that's less than a month!)

there is the chance that I may get to spend tomorrow with these little guys...

I'm thankful and excited - for these everyday blessings.

This past week I haven't been so much, I let myself remain stuck in my own negativity.

Never a good idea. 

So, please, look around you and find happiness this weekend!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bricks, etc.

Lately, I've been obsessed with bricks, old ones to be precise. And if they have old, peeling paint on them  so much the better.

I love it that our town is all about brick. The walls, the walkways, old buildings with faded, painted signs on the brick, I love it all.

Our house had three brick chimneys, all of which had to be torn down. But we saved most of the bricks and have used them as pavers here and there.

We still have three BIG pallets of saved brick. I spent hours and hours scraping mortar off those bricks.

And I'd do it again. I like to reuse old materials in new ways. The chimneys became walkways, the stone foundations became raised flowerbeds, the bead board was used to make closets in the children's rooms and in both bathrooms.

Of course, I would have liked to restore everything in this house just as it was originally, but that wasn't practical.

Compromise is a necessity that makes a renovation do-able.

You just have to decide what is really worth the extra effort to save and what needs to be replaced in order to live comfortably. (And, so the project will actually get done and your marriage will be in one piece - I speak with some experience :) )

A quote I've read somewhere says," Respecting the past while acknowledging the future."

I like that!

And I have a slight suspicion that we've built it back better than it was originally.


Wow, that was quite a ramble! Sorry :)

So, anyhow, I just wanted to share these pictures of some of the cool old brick buildings I've been noticing lately.

I would like to have an interior brick wall. Maybe in a mud room.

That plan is for my someday house - my dream house that may never be a reality but that I still like to plan for in my head.

The above picture is one of the best pizza houses in town - love this place!

Good bye for now!