Monday, September 24, 2012

Fabric Choices

I really appreciated all the advice/support about my chalk painted sofa trim!!

So I thought I would throw out some fabric samples and get you-all's opinions again!

It's free after all and I can use all the help I can get. Who knew these decisions would be so agonizing?!!

These pictures were taken with my phone and are kind of washed out.

This one is so practical, I would not worry about the kids getting it dirty. But I think it may be too fuzzy and thick, my frame is rather delicate and this is heavy, but the colors are great, gray/blue with taupe/green in it.

This was the right blue but I hate the loops, I don't know why I brought it home.
Please don't pick this one!!

These next two diamond patterns are interesting. The pattern would be good for hiding stains, they would wear well, I think. My concern is that they're too traditional, kind of like what you would see on Grandma's sofa, but that could be a good thing....

...what do you think?

This was just pretty but impractical, I had to include it!

This light brown velvet was my front runner. I think it would hide dirt, would be classic,
soft. But would it start to have wear marks on the seats and arms? I don't know.

This one is my current favorite! It has the blue/taupe weave and looks linen-ish. This picture doesn't show the contrasting threads very well, but they are there.  It would make the sofa look more like a french-ish. Which would make me happy-ish, I think! (Sorry!)
I don't think it would show dirt but it is lighter weight than the velvet, would it be as durable?

These fabrics are all about the same price so it's really just about what would be the perfect match.

And I've already decided that I'll have to keep a quilt on it most of the time to keep it clean. I'll train my children to sit on the quilt!!

So please, please give me advice...

Thanks in advance!!!


  1. My top three picks...
    1. brown velvet
    2. linen-ish looking one
    3. stripe one that you deemed impractical.
    Looks like it will end up a fun project.

  2. I like the last one! Looks super pretty, and would prob be the most practical.

  3. I think I like the last one but the striped one is nice too...Then 3rd would be the velvet. The last one is very neutral and classic. I think that would look really beautiful with that frame....

  4. I vote for the weave (last one). Altho I do like the diamond patterned ones I get what you are saying about being too traditional.


  5. Melissa, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I just popped over to your blog and I LOVE what you are doing. It’s been a dream of mine to one day renovate an old farmhouse so needless to say, reading about yours will now be a ritual – you’ve got yourself a new follower :) I’d love to chat with you more about the renovation, and also about the chickens and chicken coop, which we still need to build…I hope we can stay in touch! ps...I definitely like the last fabric choice - it will instill a French linen / burlap look for that perfect farmhouse feel.

  6. Looks like I'm the only one voting for the first one. The last one is neat too, though.