Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's at the door?

I've been very busy having company lately. Which is a good problem to have, I assure you!

After tomorrow evening we will have had company for dinner four days in a row!

So, to go from almost nothing to four nights a week is a little challenging-forces me to lighten up! While it's been great, I'm hoping we can get it down to maybe one night a week. 

I've gotten behind on posting, been too busy cooking and cleaning house.

I wanted to say 'thanks' to all my followers and readers! I love how this blog helps me feel a little more connected with those of you I don't get to see that often.  

Off to bed - have an awesome week everyone!



  1. Sounds like fun,who did you have?

  2. Let's see, Sunday eve. Eric and Jeannine, Mon. night Ed Sherrill, last night a neighbor. We were going to have Tim and Sherri tonight, but two of us are sick-guess I'll be able to get to some of my spring cleaning this week after all!

  3. we're glad you're here. thanks for the glimpse into your life. love you and give the kiddos a squeeze from me.