Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Burlap Wreath

I'm seeing burlap everywhere these days. Some I like, some not so much.

 So, when I saw this wreath last night I thought, I can do this and it's kind of cute!

Go to this site to make one yourself!

 I think it's not full enough so I need to buy some more burlap to add to it. The burlap seems to slide down from the top and leave some gaps.

 Also, I cut the strips about 3" wide instead of 5" and only used one clothes hanger.

I used a Command strip to fasten it, no nail holes!

I am wondering what it would be like to use some burlap webbing, the kind with the red lines in it, to make a wreath.

I might try that next!


  1. Love it!!! I think the webbing with the red stripes would be so cute...I love red anything. I have it all over my house!

  2. Really nice for something so simple. I had the same idea of using upholstery webbing. It would be a fun project.

  3. That is really cute, Melissa! And you were right, Anthropoligy was amazing! :)