Thursday, January 20, 2011

A dog named Mosby

Here he is at 10 weeks.

We flew about two hours to get him when Big Sister was about six months old. I'll never forget that trip, on the way home it snowed most of the way, fortunately both babies slept the whole way home!

This is what he loves best!

Getting dirty,

splashing, swimming...

Much more fun with a friend!

Chasing down sticks!

Faithful companion and babysitter - wait! Is he biting Little Brother's leg?!

In the summer, he has a bit of an identity crisis. 

He goes from this:

To this:

Picture of contentment...


  1. Seriously the cutest dog I've ever seen! Love the name too! Found your blog through All Things Vintage, and I love both your blogs! -Amanda Payton

  2. Thanks Amanda! He was seriously cute as a puppy, on the streets people would love on him and ignore the baby - kind of offended me as a new mother! Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Melissa, I'm a new follower! I love reading your blog and even showed Dave the pictures of your home remodel. Love the post about Mosby, is he a springer spaniel? Makes me (almost) want to get another dog! :) Stacy Payton

  4. Every time I see a picture of Mosby I remember that camping trip in GW when he got a chill pill or whatever it was! :) Enjoying your blog by the way!