Thursday, January 6, 2011

Project completed!

Here is my little table, all done and I'm loving it!

I sanded it a bit, primed with Kilz, and put two coats of a mis-matched paint from Lowes on it. On a warm afternoon I took it down to my husband's shop (so it would be warm enough) and sprayed on two coats of polyurethane.

I shopped around looking for a cheap knob, but couldn't find one, so I ended up getting this one at Anthropologie. It was eight dollars, which is kind of a lot for a knob, but I only needed one. They have so many beautiful ones!

Here are the others I brought home. I was shopping with my three year old, trying to keep him from breaking something, and there where way too many to choose from. But when I got back to the table, it was obvious which one was right. And I don't mind returning things to Anthropologie!



Next I hope to post some of my awesome birthday gifts!

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