Thursday, January 13, 2011

A slow morning....

I am off to a slow start this morning, I had a hard time getting to sleep last night and then was up what felt like dozens of times. 

First, our dog decided to come upstairs and settle down on my pillows which I had put on the floor beside our bed. Put him downstairs and lowered the thermostat - it was a bit hot. Came upstairs, locked the baby gate to keep him downstairs. Back to bed and trying to sleep in spite of the Pilot's snoring. (He had a cold)

Some time later, I was awakened by a loud thump and a little cry from Big Sister's room. I didn't hear anything else so I decided to she was fine. But then I started to feel guilty about not checking on her - finally checked on her, she was in bed.

Then Mosby (the dog) wanted to be let out - little barks and scratching at the door. Drives me crazy! 

Back to bed again. This time Little Brother wanted me, tried to get him settled but soon I heard him again and now both of them were calling for me. One thirsty, one couldn't sleep, it was about five am by this time, I was not getting out of bed again! 

I yelled(very un-motherly I know) for Big Sister to get a drink from the bathroom and told Little Brother to come to my bed, which is not what I normally encourage. All was well till seven when we had to get up and get ready for school.

It all kind of felt like when they were babies - getting up every few hours. Makes me grateful those nights are mostly over. There's just no way as a new mother you can prepare for it.  

I am thankful for my coffee this morning!

My sister-in-law has a giveaway on her blog, All Things Vintage, Check it out if you like!

I'm off to work on stripping a door. Wish me luck - don't enjoy this one bit!

It will be installed between our kitchen and laundry room, I can keep the dog out in the laundry room on cold nights! (evil grin)

Don't feel sorry for him, feel sorry for me, he's got the sad face down to an art!


  1. I have dogs too...I understand how they can look so cute and innocent one minute and the next be completely evil!

  2. I feel you on the up and down nights! My oldest still rarely sleeps through the night. Lately the excuses have been, "I need a drink. I have to go to the bathroom. There's a ghost in my room (where he got that from I'll never know). There's something scary in the window, etc, etc, etc"
    It's enough to drive me insane some nights! Hope you get some sleep!