Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Chalk Board

Here is a little project that I have been working on recently.

I've wanted a place to write down items that I run out of. 

I need a visual, in my face reminder, especially for those things that I don't usually buy. (Like light bulbs.)

I learned to use my scroll saw to cut the curved edge. My husband was so very patient with me :)
He probably did 90% of the work as I am somewhat afraid of table saws and chop saws.

We used scraps of wood that we had, love that!

I painted it with left over chalk board paint, two coats.

I decided that it needed something on the top, so I found a silhouette of a bird online, cut it out and traced it on the frame.

I gave the bird two coats of paint and then sanded it lightly to make it look distressed.

 The paint was a leftover color sample and the paint brush I stole from Big Sister's watercolor set.

 Now, I am not a very crafty person, I probably didn't do it right.

 But it was fun and best of all free! 


  1. Melissa,this is so cute : ) And I would have to say it appears you are indeed "crafty" ; )

  2. Great board Melissa! I have to agree with Amy.. you look crafty to me.. and way to reuse what you already have.. crafty and smart!

  3. Hey you won the Stylish Blogger Award. You can copy the Award from my blog, then tell us 7 things about yourself and 7 blogs you heart.