Thursday, February 3, 2011

A what kind of award?!!


Okay, so I've been awarded a Stylish Blogger Award.
 Of course I'm glad to be included but then I'm thinking wait a minute, I've seen things like this before.

You have to list a bunch of crazy things about yourself, not that I mind that so much, but then I have to tag other bloggers.

Yikes! What if they don't want to be tagged!! Maybe I could just change the rules and talk about myself. Or talk about myself and list the others -  but they don't have to do anything if they don't want to. But then, maybe the BLOG POLICE will shut me down, I'll be dropped right and left and what a lonely thing that would be!

 It all kind of reminds me of those chain letters when I was young, whatever happened you could NOT break the chain! 

So, I should probably lighten up, what do you think? 
 I'm not really the type to break the rules anyway :)

Okay,,, here goes:

Seven things about myself.

#1 Food - I don't really like candy, unless it's chocolate.

#2 For my second child, I had a 40 minute labor. No, I didn't make it to the hospital and no, he was not born on the kitchen table as rumor has it. (He was born in the kitchen though.)

#3 I am a quiet person as those of you who know me know. My husband and daughter are very outgoing, this makes life interesting at times :)

#4 I ate a raw mussel once, never again!

#5 Sometimes, I am overly dramatic. (See my rant above.) I didn't realize this until I noticed it in my daughter, definitely a drama queen. Imagine my surprise when I traced it back to myself! Children are eye opening that way.

#6 I love green. I've always wanted to go to Ireland just to soak up all the green!

#7  I am very visual - I love to see things, that's why I like blogging so much, I get ideas from so many of you all's great pictures!

Now, blogs that have inspired me:

Life in the Fun Lane
Love all the white furniture and the idea of changing the old and ugly into something fresh and new.

A Beach Cottage
Again, a lot of white and a relaxing, vacation theme.

Nie Nie Dialogues
Her courage, humor and faith.

Clover Lane
How she champions being a mom, encouraging us to treasure the short time we have with our children before they're grown.

Rare and Beautiful Treasures
Love her house and her way with words. Her faith shines!

All Things Vintage
Love all the vintage, and the energy of this gal, being around her is inspiring - so glad she's my sister-in-law! Also the main inspiration for me to start a blog. I always thought I would someday but it was not until she did that I decided to try. Thanks Sara!

Okay, I made it through!!

You all have a great night and weekend!

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