Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birthday Fun

My birthday was drawn out this year, I loved it! Every couple days I would get a new gift!

My dear, one and only sister, got these milk glass dishes for me.

 I like the simplicity of the white and I think the name 'milk glass' really fits.

 Hmm, I'm getting thirsty...

 This pillow came from a sister-in-law, who is also a dear friend. Isn't it amazing - and she made it!

I also received other gifts including green bowls from my Mother, love those and a really neat green pitcher from another SIL. I didn't get pictures of everything but love them all.

And here is the big one : 

Wusthof knives! These were from my husband. Thank you dear! 

We don't really surprise each other on our birthdays, he asked what I would like, I gave him my (very long) list to choose from and this is what we agreed on. I have been eyeing the Wusthof Santoku knife on Pioneer woman blog for a long time. 

Had to start chopping right away!

Thanks all for an awesome birthday! 



  1. I'm so glad you had a great birhday! It is fun seeing all your gifts in your home. Also, the little table looks great in white. Very Inspiring!

  2. Happy birthday! You can never go wrong with a good set of knives! I received a set when we got married and that was one of my favorite things! And of course the kitchen aid mixer! I was wondering how you got the pictures at the header of your blog? I can't seem to shrink mine down and get more than one on there?

  3. @ Sarah Beth, I used this tutorial at Clover
    Basically you download Picassa and follow the tutorial to set it up. Hope that helps!


  4. Sarah Beth, sorry I couldn't get the link to work. If you google Clover Lane blog header, you should be able to find the tutorial. Good luck!