Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sights around town

One thing I love about where we vacation is that we can walk pretty much wherever we want.

We arrived and got unloaded, then walked up the street to dinner and I couldn't stop taking pictures.

It's tropical here. The skies are an amazing blue.

Luscious blooms.

We heard music and followed it. 

Even the utilities are coastal colored.

I'm likin' this old van.

Almost home.

And back where we started.

Up next:

A bathroom remodel.


  1. We miss you all! It looks like the livin is easy,there! Seeing your pics brings back happy memories. We are actually having some great weather here, too. Hope you all will have a great time and come back rested and refreshed.

  2. I was wondering where you are at?? Tropical...west coast?? I am also wondering why you are remodeling a bathroom on vacation? Your House or relatives??

  3. Sarah, we are in Sarasota,Florida. We come down here every spring and get to stay in this old house that belongs to a customer/friend. It always needs work and this time it's the bathroom. Truly a "working vacation".

  4. A beautiful family in a beautiful place...