Monday, April 11, 2011

Bathroom Remodel Part 2

So, after hauling out loads of layers we were finally able to start putting it back together.

The fun part.

New floor,

new beadboard walls,

new wiring,

and plumbing,

and shiny new tub.

 Tile going in.

By the way, I love beadboard. Something about the way it is installed and is ready to go, it doesn't have to be prepped like sheetrock.

And it so quickly covers up a lot of ugliness.

She's always eager to help!

This is what he does best, one would think he's done it a time or two before.

Pre-finished wood floor = instant gratification!

And there you have it!

I know, the beadboard isn't painted, partly because we ran out of time and partly because it hasn't been decided what color/finish to use.

So, we went from this :

to this :

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  1. Looks great!! I too love bead board. i have some in my bathroom!