Friday, April 29, 2011

Projects and Plays

There is a project going on here at Cass House, one that I have high hopes for but am afraid to blog about for fear that it won't turn out as I expect.

It involves this piece of furniture.

I'm excited and will share pictures of it's transformation. 

Right now it's sitting on the back porch about half way done. I've had to put it on hold while trying to mend my wrenched shoulder.

 35 is not that old - my body has disappointed me. I still think I should be able to do anything I want and then I find out differently.

I was only trying to hold up a cedar log with one hand while screwing in a bolt with the other hand. Anyhow, it was for a good cause, now my blackberries have the support that they need. And I'm getting by on ibuprofen and ice.

Big Sister had her first little musical play at school the other night. It was so fun to watch and even though she just sat with a bunch of other kids singing and doing hand motions I was as proud of her as if she were the star.

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  1. Hey, wish you were here. The scones turned out good.