Monday, April 4, 2011

Bathroom Remodel Part 1

So, this is our work project while we are down here.

 The house is old and the upstairs bath was very badly needing a renovation.

It's so tiny and we had to totally gut it and haul everything down the narrow stairs and out to a trash pile that is rapidly growing.

This was at about 9 am.

Old painted tile.

At 11am when the kids and I got back from the beach, this is what it looked like.

And it was just the beginning of the removing of layers.

Breaking up the cast iron tub in pieces to get it out.

More layers removed.

This is dirty work, believe me!

Strip of beadboard waiting to be uncovered!

My camera card has some problems. These pictures were taken with my phone, sorry about the fuzziness!

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  1. We had to do the same thing in our bathroom! The cast iron tub was not fun!!