Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gardening and a late snow...

I bought more plants this year than ever. Before, I've always planted my spinach and lettuce in seeds.

This year I wanted to just get them in the ground and keep it simple.

Some may call this cheating, but I don't mind, someday I'll raise everything from seeds, but for now I'm happy to let Lowes do all the hard work.

The Pilot built these three raised beds out of fence posts. I really like having them close to the house, but they are also close to where the deer come out from the woods.

So, we had to let the gardening go for awhile, because the other day we woke up to snow.

It was quite pretty, actually, and of course I had to tromp around and take pictures.

I love the snow on the forsythias!

The snow was gone by the afternoon but it has been colder and right now it's raining.

The rain should be great for the garden!

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  1. muy bonito!
    me ha gustado mucho este post!=D
    espero que todo te vaya genial!!!

    te sigo cielo