Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Little Housekeeper

She's hard at work. Isn't she a dear?

We decided to do a little photo shoot and she was so sweet and cooperative.

The fabric roses are fun and so easy. Just a strip of fabric wound around and hot glue every so often to hold it together. I want to do more!


  1. Love these roses.. They are just so pretty. I have tried with white material, now I am going to try with the printed material. Thanks for sharing.
    Love the pictures, your daughter is just beauitful.


  2. LOOOOOVE the rosettes :). I think rosettes should probably be added to everything, dont you?

  3. Melissa, she looks beautiful in these pictures! she's adorable and i love the roses.

  4. Those are gorgeous Pictures! I have yet to try making flowers...I love them though, and you make it sound so easy! - Lindsey

  5. She is precious! I think she looks a lot like you!! So cute.