Friday, November 11, 2011

Armoire Transformation

I bought this armoire a few months ago with the intention of painting it white. 

And I finally did! Yeah for me! I love getting things done!

So here are the before and after pictures...

I thought that I would try homemade chalk paint. Bad idea - it is great for a small project, like a picture frame or a little chair, but for this, it didn't work so well.

No matter how much I stirred, it still had little pieces of grout in it, made the surface really bumpy and I had to sand all the little bumps out. So, I switched to regular paint.

I'm really happy with how it looks now! And I got some new knobs for it as well.

Now, I need to paint the inside.  :)


  1. Hey Melissa! I too have had a dry spell with the blogging (I read on one of your previous posts!) we have been so busy with other things. The Holidays are fast approaching. Your piece looks great!!! I've not yet tried to make my own chalk paint. I wonder if running the grout through a flour sifter would help with the lumpiness?????? I'll have to give making it a try!

  2. It looks great! It's always so nice to get projects done like that!!