Thursday, September 22, 2011

Picking Apples

Last Saturday our little family went to a local orchard on a mountain and picked apples.

I've been trying to enjoy and savor these last days of summer, but the temperature dropped and it was a perfect introduction to fall. 

For my local readers: this is a great way to experience fall. It was so pretty and the apples are amazing.

The Jonagolds were our favorite.

They had fresh, apple cider donuts, the smell was heavenly!

 The Pilot looking for airplanes.

Children tumbling down the hill - I used to love to do that!

Sign ideas.

My sweet girl.

Ending the day with soup.

I made two batches of applesauce, so good.


  1. I have to take Tara there, she would love that! Thanks for the reminder!! Looks like you all had fun! I love that picture of H holding the apples, so cute!

  2. Wow, That must have been a very fun day. What a great way to spend a crisp, Fall Saturday.

  3. how fun! This is my favorite time of year. We have a place simular to where you went called Oak Glen that we go to alot in the fall. I always enjoy your pictures, what a sweet little family.