Thursday, September 15, 2011

How I finally made a skirt for my sink...

This old sink was salvaged from an old house that sits on the lot behind ours. We bought this lot soon after we bought our house that we live in now, and someday, we may build and move back there.

Anyhow, I love this sink, it's so useful for gardening, chicken and dog chores, etc. For keeping some of the dirt out of my kitchen. This actually was my kitchen for quite some time as we remodeled our real kitchen.

My husband built the sink base, he did a great job!

I guess I didn't make a curtain sooner because I always wanted everything to look nice on the shelf, pretty baskets holding cleaning supplies, you get the idea. In reality though, it is pretty bad under there, lots of paint cans, my sewing machine, toilet paper packages and on and on.
I would show you a before picture but it's too embarrassing.

I reused some old curtain panels, hung them sideways and sewed a strip of the same material cut on the bias. (That way it won't unravel.) I was going to gather it but for some reason decided not to - and I like it very much!


  1. I loveeeeee what you did here! There is something charming about a skirted sink, and your sink if I may, is beautiful! I miss those old style sinks that gave you so much room to work, chop veggies, etc. What a treasure you found, and it's even prettier with your touches.

  2. It looks adorable! I have an old cast iron sink in the barn that is waiting to be put in the laundry room. It has the tall back and the drain to the side kinda like yours. I have totatlly imagined it with a little skirt as well!! Love it!

  3. Too CUTE!!!! *sigh* I'm envious!

  4. I really like the new look if your sink. Those pictures in magazines of everything organized in baskets on open shelves looks so nice.... but it never works for me. I need to keep my disorganization hidden.