Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Right Now

We are two days in to the holiday and I've enjoyed the slow mornings so much already! The children maybe not so much, I had them help me do a marathon house cleaning yesterday and then last night my little guy came down with a fever :(

I have a few projects to show you, one being this buffet that I painted.
I can't seem to find the before picture but you can imagine, dark, speckled brown finish with lots of dings.

I put my hot chocolate tray on it. This is always a favorite in cold weather!

We are gifted every year with a large poinsettia and this year I decided to stop fighting the red and just go with it. I'm really liking the pops of red for now even though it's not something I want to live with long term.

I found this toast holder? at Goodwill. I like to put old photos or cards in it.

I had fun making this Anthropologie knock-off wreath with my daughter's help. I like it, though it does sort of look like shaggy carpet. :)

I copied this fireplace scene from Pinterest. I can't seem to link to it. Every winter I wish for a real wood fire, this is my make-believe one!

I am re-upholstering my yellow chair. I love the pop of yellow sunshine it brings and will miss that but it was getting too shabby with a hole in the cushion and some stains. 

Our local U-fab store just moved a bunch of their velvets downstairs to the discounted section and I was excited to find a lovely brown velvet for $10 a yard! (They have some really nice browns, grays and beiges for those of you who are local.)

This will be interesting as I've never worked with velvet or a channel back chair before.

The children had fun constructing these reindeer cookies - what would we do without Pinterest inspiration?

See you later...


  1. Wow, you're ambitious to tackle that chair! It is so pretty, too bad it's wearing out. The buffet looks so nice. Good job!

  2. I love your style ...you inspire me : )

  3. I love it all. The coco station makes me wish is was there to share it with you. You did a great job on your buffet, nice find by the way. Your fireplace and mantle look so inviting that it took me a sec. to figure out what wasn't quite "right" about the fire.