Friday, January 4, 2013

My Dressed-Up Chair

I bought her at my Goodwill Store for fifteen dollars while I was deep in the antique sofa project.

She wasn't old enough to be pretty on her own, sort of a french wanna-be, but I thought there was potential. So I guess you could say that I rescued her, gave her a much needed facelift!

I told my husband that I absolutely would not touch the chair until my sofa was done, but one day, I found myself tearing off old fabric. Then he reminded me, and I decided I'd better be good. :)

Now, after being ripped a part for a very long time, her she is!

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White, followed by clear, and then a mixture of clear and dark wax.

The fabric and gimp are from U-Fab, I love that store!

Here are the "befores"

And "after" 

I'm very happy to be done!!


  1. I love it Melissa! Great job!

  2. Love the fabric....and I hadn't heard about U-Fab so I'll have to check that out!!! I love that bluegreengray color...and she does look quite a bit better :)

  3. That chair is amazing! Great choice of fabric, Love it!