Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pantry Shelves

These shelves are what I requested for my birthday gift.

My handy husband made them, aren't they nice?!!

Before we just had this little awkward space in the corner leading from the kitchen to the laundry room.
Now I have a place for my cookbooks and some pantry items.
I need to collect some more large glass jars, I like how they look.

The only before picture I could find. 

And we are almost ready to hang our old door. My husband ended up taking it apart and re-gluing it, he's almost done, I'm hoping to get a coat of primer on it this weekend!
Who would have thought an old door would require so much work?!

The shelves were tricky to build because our walls weren't level in this corner. I think he did an amazing job. Best birthday present ever!!


  1. They look great! I love having shelves to display things on and they are so useful!

  2. You can NEVER have enough shelving!!! And a great solution to that awkward "wasted" space in the corner....I'd love to have some on either side of our fireplace.....

  3. Its great to have a handy husband! That is a great birthday present. I love your large jars, they look so fun!

  4. What a beautiful little nook! Now following you too, so glad you found me. I love your style!