Friday, December 21, 2012

Creating Cozy

I was inspired by the hot chocolate stations that I've seen here and there online, especially this one from Lemonade Makin' Momma, so I made one myself. It's really fun and my kids love something sweet and hot when they come home from school.

The paper cups came from The Dollar Tree and the hot cocoa I got at Trader Joe's. 

My husband was asking about my wreaths on the dining room windows, and made the comment that, "some things are just better if you make them yourself".  (I had bought them)

So yesterday I decided to make a wreath for our front gate.

I found this great tutorial at one hundred dollars a month . This seems like a neat blog, I haven't had time to fully check it out.

I didn't have a wreath form and was impatient to get started so I made a form with some wild grapevines that I had. Now the weight of the greens is pulling it down into an oblong shape.
I guess I should have bought a proper wreath.

These clippings came from our Leyland Cypress trees.

I didn't have floral wire, just used some twine that I had. It was actually pretty easy.

I just noticed that my gate is stained rather badly, oops!

I must get busy, I have a messy house to whip into shape, then shopping and baking!

Hope each of you have an amazing week with whatever is planned!

Enjoy God's gift of family and friends!


  1. Very pretty! I've been meaning to make an evergreen wreath too, thanks and I'll get on it!

  2. Don't you love cozy winter days!!! The wreath looks great!

  3. Your wreath is so pretty! If only we had a little snow to dust it with. Have a nice weekend! We'll miss you all. Love you!