Thursday, April 5, 2012

Horse Riding Lesson!

My daughter wanted to ride a horse. We found a farm not too far away that gives lessons.
They specialize in therapy for special needs children - I think that's so great!

 She was shown all the steps of preparing the horse to ride.

A few anxious moments as it was her first time on a horse.

The trainer said that she was a fast learner - she was learning posting while walking and then trotting in just a few minutes.

What was planned to be a one time thing may turn into a new hobby, we'll see.

There is all ready talk of earning money to pay for more lessons...

Admiring the ribbons. (Dreaming?)


  1. I always wanted to have a horse! My uncle had a few and we'd go look at them and ride every great once in awhile....

  2. What an accomplishment for her to learn to ride. Why is it that girls love horses? I know I did!

  3. We always wanted a horse when we were growing up! We lived near lots of horses and had several opportunities to ride, it is so fun!! So glad she got to have a new experience! Looks like you all are making the most of spring break!