Friday, March 30, 2012


I have been planning to show you all an update on my flower bed progress, there is progress in spite of an unexpected setback.

This is how my front yard looked last Friday when I went to bed.

This is what my porch looked like early Saturday morning!

No, it wasn't a natural disaster, just some poor soul whose car left the road and barreled right through our front yard and into our porch.

It was 6:30 in the morning, The Pilot was on a week long trip to California, and  I was sleeping upstairs with my windows open.

At first I thought a tree had fallen on our house, but as I went to the window, the loud banging noises continued as the car backed up and left our front yard. It was so dark I could only see the taillights as it drove off. 

I highly suspect that it was a drunk driver, I mean, who else would just leave like that?

I'm just so glad that I hadn't planted anything in the front flower bed. 

Then I really would have been upset!

Oh, and the car pushed our big stone slab that you can see in the first picture, pushed it about four feet.

Now we get to do more front porch/yard work than we intended.

So, anything bizarre, crazy or exciting happening to you?


  1. Thats crazy!!! We have bizarre stuff happen all the time but never a car in our front porch!

  2. That is terrible !! What a disappointment. What happened to your fence?

  3. Actually, the fence wasn't really damaged, the car came right in off the road between the fence and the crepe myrtle bush. It did get bumped a little as he backed out though.

  4. so scary. glad you guys are ok.

  5. That is no fun!! I hope it's not too hard to repair and replace.

  6. wow, how awful! So glad you are all okay! I drove by your front yard last week, must have been before this and I thought your house was looking so pretty! Sorry you have more work to do now!