Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Latest Knitting Project

I had fun knitting these for a dear friend expecting her fifth boy. I wanted to wait to show them until I had given them to her, and then of course, I forgot. 

Fall is my time for knitting, it's such a cozy, homey thing to do. I have several projects going and more that I would like to do. Oh, for more time!


  1. Super Adorable!!! I need to learn how to knit!

  2. Beautiful! I hope your friend knows how lucky she is! I love homemade stuff! My Mamie used to make all kinds of stuff for my kids before she passed away. I guess I'll have to learn how to knit now. Have a great day!

  3. Is it against the "rules" to share the pattern? They are simply adorable and I love to knit in the winter also.

  4. I'm with Helen! I need the pattern!! :) I love these and of course being able to give them as gifts is so much fun....I'm getting the "itch" to buy some nice yarn.

  5. Thanks girls! The booties came from a book called Natural Nursery Knits by Erika Knight. I got this from the library but you can google the title and buy online if you want. The hat was a different pattern - i'm sorry, I don't remember which one I used.

    The yarn is organic merino wool, dk weight. Hope this helps, happy knitting!

    Also for more patterns, some which are free, check out It's an amazing site for knitting and crocheting. :)