Monday, October 3, 2011

Family, Flying....and Fun!

And I should have added fear, also. I may have said it before, even though my husband loves flying, and is the most amazing pilot, I am not comfortable in the air. So sad, but true.

So, what this is all about, we flew down to Kentucky to a family reunion this past weekend.

It was so great to reconnect with family and even meet some cousins whom I had only known through blogging!

I only wish we could have stayed longer.

Loading the airplane, what a face!!

Big Sister was "copilot" she was so proud of her job.

We flew above the clouds, they were beautiful, so huge and the sun was really bright. When we had to go down under them, the contrast from bright, blue skies to overcast weather was interesting.

So the sky really is always blue, sometimes we just can't see it.  :)

I forgot to switch out camera batteries for the trip, so I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked, but we had an awesome time!

Happy Monday!!


  1. How did I not already follow your blog!!?!??!?! I am with you --only wish we could've stayed longer!!! It always makes me wish I had a big ole house on several acres so I could be the hostess :) I enjoyed visiting with you and your sweet kiddos! Seth says to tell them "Hello!"....

  2. Looks like SO much fun!! I had to show Jeff this post, and he's extremely jealous of your hubby! :) Such great memories!

  3. We just got home last night. Really enjoyed the time! I'm also thankful for the safety in traveling that we all had [as far as I know]. After witnessing a bad accident on the way home, I'm especially thankful.