Thursday, June 16, 2011

Island Completed! and Kitchen Tour

If you remember, a while back I mentioned a big project that I was working on. 

It took much longer than I first thought and was much harder. But isn't that the way most things go?

Anyhow, it's done and I'm so happy - and relieved.

It started out as an old buffet. I got the idea from Home and Harmony. I loved everything about their island.

I found this buffet for $80 and I think all said and done the total was about $235.00.

And a lot of that was paint and the finish that I used on the top.

The back was unfinished and we had to replace it and buy new base board because it didn't wrap around  the back. 

If I were doing it again, I would make sure that the back was finished.

My husband had to cut new corner pieces to cover the raw edges and this took a lot of time and trouble!

After sitting in the above condition for several weeks while my shoulder was mending, and the children were going through several rounds of strep throat and similar sicknesses, I finally got it done!

The butcher block top came from a work table that my husband had in his shop. He graciously sacrificed it, wasn't that sweet? We sanded it down and used Waterlox on it.

The glass knobs came from Lowes. I sprayed the center bolts with antique bronze paint, they were a polished chrome. I wanted them to match the door hardware.

I made the corbels by tracing the pattern from and old porch corbel that I had. I cut them on a scroll saw, which, by the way, is a lot of fun to use. Then they took some sanding and my husband carefully screwed them in from inside the island so that I didn't have to fill any screw holes.

Have I mentioned that he is very handy? I love him!

Oh, did you notice my chandelier?

I found it on Craigslist. Happy! Happy! Happy!

 Then I decided it was too much for my kitchen.

And next I decided to throw caution to the wind and live recklessly.

After all it brings such joy and sparkle to my kitchen.

And sometimes, I need all the sparkle I can get.

So, after watching a few how to videos and getting free advice from my dear husband, I hung it. All by myself!

I think every woman should learn how to wire and hang a light fixture, it's very empowering.

Here is my kitchen, all cleaned up for pictures.

I'm so happy with it. It has come together so nicely!

 See the above picture? The wall space on either side of the window will someday be open shelves. I plan to use the same corbel design for the shelf brackets.

This is on the opposite wall from the sink, our computer area. Trust me, it's not this clean now.

And here is our dinning room table with a little guy that was too busy playing to get out of the way.

The hutch in the background belonged to my grandparents.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Wow what a great job! The island turned out great! Your kitchen is looking more finished all the time!! Oh, and I love the chandelier, keep the sparkle and glitz, it looks fabulous! Your right, sometimes we just need a little sparkle!

  2. love.Love.LOVE it! You do such a great job with your home!

  3. Looks great Mel, wish I could see it in person.

  4. I like the glad you lived recklessly~The craiglist find is my favorite.

  5. This looks Perfect, Melissa! I'm loving how fresh it is, and I really am in like with your chandelier!

  6. The buffet and chandelier look STUNNING very Candice Olsen :0 with your skills you just might get your own show on HGTV :) nice job! Your newest follower!

  7. I'm stopping by via Primp and so happy I did. After I finish this reply I'm going to follow your blog, as it's simply awesome, and so is that island you made! It's stunning! I love that you made the corbels yourself, how divine, and the color combined with leaving the top in it's natural state just wonderful. Your kitchen is gorgeous and the chandy well...perfection, well done, Mrs. tami

  8. Your kitchen island is to-die-for! I've just become one of your newest followers and so looking forward to going through your archives - I like your style!

  9. WOW! I have completely fallen in love with your kitchen. I'm so glad you decided to hang the chandelier - it looks completely FAB!

    And the colour - yum!

    And your island???? It's AWESOME!! Well done!

    I've signed up to follow/stalk you!


  10. Stopping by from Sarah's kitchen party! Your island turned out great!! Our kitchen layouts are a little similar...fridge and stove on same wall, with island close by. Enjoy! and thanks for sharing!

  11. It looks great! I love the glass knobs, and the fact that you sprayed the bolts to match. And the chandelier - you're right! Live large. It's gorgeous and adds a touch of bling to your kitchen.

  12. That island is fantastic. The perfect centerpiece for your kitchen. Love the chandelier too.

  13. So pretty! All of your work really paid off - looks totally professional! Love the chandelier also!!

  14. the island is FABULOUS. omg you did an incredible job and deserve some kind of prize. i adore the glass knobs and your chandelier! i've got a few similar ones!

    partying with you at sarah's!


  15. I did enjoy the tour. I love Love LOVE! your island. Your right all your hard work did pay off. It looks fantastic! :) Your whole kitchen is great. I love the clean country feel. I also love your new chandy that you got. AND hung on your own! :)


  16. It all has a lovely open feel. Very Modern Country!
    (visiting via Modern Country Style)

  17. You are so clever! I love the idea of your island--it's just adorable.

  18. What an amazing job you did, I think that might be the best make over I've seen and the chandelier looks wonderful :) x

  19. You have a very pretty kitchen. I love the island, what a great transformation. The chandy adds a nice touch of bling.

  20. I love your kitchen~ everything about it is perfectly lovely! Your island turned out gorgeous, and I think the chandelier looks amazing in your kitchen! Way to go on installing it yourself! :)

    Your kitchen is one of the prettiest ones I have ever seen! You have done a wonderful job on it for sure. :)

    I hope you have a great Tuesday!


  21. Wow great job on that island. Looks completely different from the piece you started with.

  22. I love your kitchen! The chandelier is so pretty! You did a great job on your island transformation! I'm your newest follower!

  23. I your kitchen! Beautiful island transformation! The chandelier is stunning:)
    You got a great space here...hope to see you on my blog:)

  24. What a beautiful island! Looks very swedish. So you're married to a handy husband too! Love the whole space. So clean and calm. Beautiful.