Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday Yard Sale Finds

I'm probably the last one on earth to start collecting old suitcases.

This old tray probably came from an old refrigerator.

I got these wooden puzzles to add to my collection.

And these glasses, they look old but probably aren't. 

They'll look great on my "future" open shelves.

After yard saleing Saturday morning, I then spent a good four hours paying bills and getting caught up on office work. It's shameful how I put it off - just have never enjoyed it. It feels great to get caught up, though.

Sunday afternoon was spent with family - we always have a lovely time.

And today I took Mosby to the vet to get his staples out. The crazy dog went running down a steep bank and came up with a four inch tear on his leg. So, for two weeks now, he's been wearing a cone around his neck, bumping into everything and everybody. Hopefully all this will soon be a faint memory.

Otherwise, today has been a great monday - catching up on housework and all. Sometimes that's the best kind of day.

Have a great week everybody!

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  1. I share your feelings on paperwork! I hate it, so I put it off forever! Next week it is on my to do list. Blech!