Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fence Project

See this? The spiral thing in the back?  It's called an auger. I love it. 

My husband found it on craigslist and brought it home in the back of a friend's airplane.

I love how he thinks "outside the box." It is good for me as an "in the box" thinker.

Life is never boring, I love you, sweetheart!

He loves his "big man" toys and I love what they can do!

So he was ready to try it out and I have lots of ideas.

We have a straight line of fencing along the front that just ends at the mailbox and I have always felt that it looked unfinished.

This thing drilled these holes in about 30 seconds. Amazing!

This picture is from the driveway with the road to the left.

(Mosby kept dropping his ball in the hole hoping someone would throw it for him.)

The fence is finished and we will build and hang a gate soon. The whole fence will hopefully get painted this summer - I would do it now but the treated wood on the new part needs to dry out.

I found some more stones to finish our walkway and The Pilot installed them.

This is how it looks now. 

We are hoping to complete a lot more projects this year. I'll keep posting as we do them.


  1. That looks really neat!!Especially with the little pathway of stones leading up to your porch. Natalie

  2. It looks adorable!! I have been wanting a white fence around the house but it would be a lot of fence!! Someday!!

  3. looks great! I love the walkway! We have to raise our walkway, after the last two winters, the stones have sunk just enough that water pools on them when it rains. Your house looks so nice!