Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello everyone! We are leaving in the morning, going to the coast to spend a few days with family and friends. I hope to have some lovely beachy pictures to share. If I don't get swept into the ocean by a creeper wave like last year!
  What happened was, the Pilot, myself and kids were walking along the beach with a few others when we decided to explore a washed - up shipwreck that was on the beach, about half on the sand, half in the shallow water.
 We were walking around on these big timbers, me with the camera around my neck, looking down of course, when this HUGE wave came out of nowhere and knocked me to my knees. We had some frightened wet crying kids but we all survived!
 I was sure I had ruined the Pilot's expensive camera, and we did have to pay a bit to have it cleaned and repaired but it's still going strong.

 I'm not planning to turn my back to those waves, believe me!

I'm off to finish up packing/house cleaning/baking...

Stay warm, drink lots of hot chocolate and have a lovely holiday!


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