Friday, October 18, 2013

Around our home...

Hello! Iv'e been enjoying fall lately. The weather is perfect - crisp mostly sunny days and cool nights.

We've been consuming a lot of pumpkin, and decorating with pumpkins also,

My daughter and I made over this little coffee table and I found that chalk paint is perfect for kids to experiment with. If it goes on too heavy, and causes drips and runs, you just sand it off.

I painted my master bath but didn't take any pictures because it looks the same - minus the mildew in the corners. I really hope this does the trick! Oh, here's an old picture,

And, I've been attempting to copy some of this cool chalkboard art that is all over Pinterest. I have really bad handwriting and must copy letter for letter sitting in front of my computer. But I love the finished product!

So, that's some of our highlights the last few weeks, thanks for reading! 


  1. I love it all!!! The pumpkins turned out beautifully!! I also love your dish towel!

  2. Your house is always such a beautiful inspiration for me! I love how the coffee table turned out. Lovely lines and something different than the ordinary coffee table.