Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Friday!!!

I had caffeinated coffee this morning so I'm all hyped up and using lots of exclamation points!!

Here are some photos to start your weekend off right. (Your welcome, of course!)

My awesome husband got me a new 50mm lens and it's amazing!! I can dial the aperture down to 1.8 which gives me all those deliciously blurry backgrounds!

He was sitting on my lap, I took it pointing straight down. I love his freckles! And he is too old to be sucking his thumb but I want this memory. (Because, like it or not, this is how we see him most.)

The Harvest Moon at Carter's Mountain Orchard. (Well, technically it was the night after the harvest moon but I'm saying close enough.)

Wishing you all a blessed weekend! 

Love to all!!!


  1. Oh don't you love that lens???!?!?!? That 1.8 f stop is like nothing else...lovely photos of the babies:)

  2. Wow! Great shots of the kids! I especially like the ones of Big Sister twirling around. She looks like she is having so much fun!