Monday, August 5, 2013

Racing Stripes!

I found a "new" dresser for my daughter and so, since my son's was literally falling apart, I passed hers on to him. But I had fun adding some stripes first!

The Frog tape made crisp lines just like it was supposed to. That was the most fun part!

My husband let me use his spray on stripper and pressure washer and it worked so well! Especially on the curvy parts. ( I stripped the mirror but didn't use it because it's a little girly.)

 Here are some pictures of his room, of course, he had to photo bomb them!

(And btw, this is as cleaned up as it ever gets!)

I'm hoping to get new carpet and paint the walls soon, so so many dings in the sheetrock!


  1. Great job on the dresser. His room has so many cute ideas. I love the faucets for hooks.

  2. The dresser is really neat! Wow. Love what you did. You should share it with