Tuesday, June 18, 2013


My Annabelle hydrangeas are blooming.

 And I've been loath to even pick them, not wanting to spoil the bush. Last year, after I planted them, I watched as their leaves turned yellow, one by one, and I thought they wouldn't survive. But they pulled through and now they are so beautiful!!!

I think they may be getting too much morning sun, I do have to water them a lot to keep them happy. I planted a Limelight hydrangea on the end that gets more sun a few weeks ago, here's hoping it will do well! It has yet to form any blooms but is healthy, and I'm excited to see how it does. 

And I also planted a very small Endless Summer hydrangea that is blooming profusely. But it's turning lavender and I'm not sure that I want to fight to change the soil balance. I'm wondering how hard it is to keep them blue?  Remember, I'm a lazy gardener.  :)

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with hydrangeas?!

It's funny how the lower branches are blooming first, I guess all the new growth is in the middle and that's why the top is slow.

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