Friday, April 26, 2013

Lily of the Valley

I transplanted these from the fence row years ago. I like to think they have been around this place for many, many years. I have peonies, lily of the valley and hosts that were all original to this land when we moved here. I've moved them, divided them, many times. I love how you can start with a few and then they multiply many times over.

We had to take down the children's tree fort a few weeks ago because we were cleaning out the fence row. Big Sister was quite sad, I felt really bad for her, I'm hoping we can build them something better to replace it! There have been a lot of changes to our back yard, we're hoping to plant grass soon and working on new fencing. Which I am so excited about!!! I'll show pictures eventually. This old blog has certainly been neglected lately, Instagram is to be blamed for a lot of it! I'm mfcass on Instagram if you care to follow...

Bye now, I'm off to paint some fence boards!

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