Thursday, July 5, 2012


The house is quiet this morning, my daughter still sleeping, my son went to work with my husband.
I've had my cheerios, big day ahead, time with family I don't get to see often, I should be busy.

But I feel restless and not very put together. I'm learning ever so slowly not to ignore these feelings but to slow down and take inventory. What's wrong, why do I feel so insecure?

I read in Psalms about God's great love and protection for me. Just taking the time to be still and listen to what He wants me to hear.

Somehow, my thoughts get all sorted out and I realize that I'm no longer empty, I feel settled and secure.

I feel the warmth of His love inside and then I see this patch of sunshine in a different way.

Before, just a reminder of how hot it already is and how it shows all the dirty smudges on the glass, now, it is a reminder of God's love to me.

 And I think how far away the sun is, and how the light has to penetrate through so much darkness to reach my little living room. 

I'm awed and amazed  and so happy that His great love reaches and cares and nourishes me!

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