Monday, June 11, 2012


Love the ferns - hope they last a long time. 

Because I like simple decorating, or maybe am just lazy, I could leave the mantel like this till fall...

We are very thankful to be done with school and enjoying low key lazy summer days...

Oh, I used lazy twice already, must be really getting in to it!

Looking forward to a few hours of Auntie time with the twins this afternoon, and then we get to have my two nieces from the other side of the family here for several days.

I'm hoping we can pick strawberries at a patch if there's any left and I've heard peaches are ripe....


  1. I love your mantle! Simple, elegant, and pretty! Critzer's is still picking strawberries, and Grelen Nursuries is picking peaches, and they are yummy!

    1. Thanks! I'll have to check Critzer's. They are on Afton right?

  2. OK Chad is totally going to drool over your props "propped" in the corner!!!! But I love the ferns! I may have to steal this idea....I need something simple for under my sign on the mantel and have ferns galore outside.... Enjoy the lazy summer days!!!!!