Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Monticello Milk Crates

I found these two crates on Craigslist last Saturday. They are from an old, local dairy and are very sturdy.

They were however, very dirty. I spent all of an afternoon scrubbing them with degreaser and even pressure washed them.

Now, I need to find a more glamourous spot than the half bath for them.

Our neighbor heard that I like old things and gave me this old metal sign that he found in his field.

Interesting how the phone number on the bottom is only three digits.

I love it!

 Now, I just need to find a way to make all my "new" things fit in my home.

My husband just installed some trim around the kitchen/laundry room door and I'm excited to paint that!

I'm loving the progress on some of these details that never quite got finished when we renovated the house.


  1. awesome finds Melissa!! I have one of those Monticello crates, they are so nice for so many things. I love your sign, what a neat one! Amazing that the neighbor found it in the field, you just never know!

  2. Very cool things!! we have been moving Steve's grandma's stuff out of her house and there are so many cool things! I love old stuff!! It's so fun to incorporate into your own home.

  3. LOVE the sign and the crates well....I'm just jealous!!! Those are great and can be used SOOO many ways...I love it when people "hear" you like old stuff and give it to you!!!!