Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rainy Evening Thoughts....

The children and my very tired husband are asleep now and I'm sitting here knitting to a very gentle rain.

And I'm just thinking about all that has happened in my world recently. My own little household, nothing major, the beginning of the change of seasons, the end of summer gardening and beginning of a bit of fall gardening, 1st grade starting for Big Sister and with that, only one more year before Little Brother will begin school.

My thoughts tend to lead back to myself, at the end of the day, I'm full of gratitude for these blessings, yet sometimes there's a good deal of regret, I wish I had more patience, was sweeter to my husband.

I'm thinking about the little one that I'm knitting for, (a friend's baby) coming so soon to this world.
And how my own were little not too long ago. Newborns, completely taking over my life and leaving little socks and blankets and hats littering the halls.

There's a hurricane happening right now just a few hours away - I'm praying for those caught in it.

The earthquake was interesting, a reminder that I don't really have as much control over my life as I like to believe. 

At the end of my day....  I want,

 less regret.

More living in the present, more joy. 

Because it's out there for the taking.

Life really is beautiful.


  1. Melissa,
    I can relate so well to this post! I left yesterday feeling much the same as you!
    I will try to remember to pray for other mothers that are going through the same things as myself!

  2. i love your thoughts. thanks for sharing